Selasa, 05 Januari 2010



Jumaat noon on the day when I'm leaving my karna tell my parents drove Sodara the key to my house, when it happened during the day while after I left shortly thereafter on my road collision with a public transport when I lg using a motor vehicle time My brother was carrying the bike, his condition at that time my brother was riding his motorcycle so fast, when the car was stopped to turn around the motor suddenly I took the right path and there is an accident of itu.sehingga I jatoh bike and my hands wounded to bleed because of the hardness with the vehicle.
While direct public event gathered over me and helping me, and at that moment not long before I direct my parents tlp and directly ask for help to the police station to complete the accident had happened, my brother and I were immediately taken to the house nearest hospital karna hurt my hands full of blood must be at obati.kecelakaan I made the lesson to be more careful again with the vehicle, and must obey traffic rules that have been ada.itulah accident happened has happened and I experienced.

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