Selasa, 05 Januari 2010



My favorite place is a beach, beach karna to me that a needle in a beautiful place, nice for a vacation, usually when I'm like a vacation or longer bored .... I slalu go out there way to the beach I could see a cool scene, the waves of water a very large, sand sand everywhere imaginable, the beach makes me feel comfortable, at home, can eliminate boredom, fatigue, the beach can make my spirit.

I usually do on the beach, unfortunately most like to play let alone splashing water in the middle of the current wave of reply was, drinking iced coconut on the beach, it was night dikala I do with a family campfire, singing songs together in the middle of the beach, playing games with the family, tracing the coast from the tip to the ujung.melihat fishermen in the sea in search of fish, like it was trying to join the fishermen to find fish in the sea.

But its dangers at the beach when the waves are large currents were especially dangerous for swimming that could lead to drowning or washed up, had a lot of people drowning in the waves swept away when the weather did not improve, such weather and big waves are very dangerous especially for children kecil.jadi remembered my time playing to the beach there a lot of sense messages, the beach makes my favorite places tenang.pantai is saya.itulah little story about my favorite.

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